Engaging Curriculum-Based Programs
in Early American & Colonial History
Voted “Favorite Field Trip”
Come & Time Travel at Mount Harmon ~
one of Maryland’s most beautiful historic sites!

Education Program Facts

Cost:  $8 per student and chaperone.

Fulfills curriculum requirements. Picnic lunches welcome.

Suggested time frame 4 hours

Programs can be customized to suit curriculum and scheduling needs.

Leave No Trace & Social Distancing Guidelines.

Masks required inside buildings if not fully vaccinated.

New Modified Pandemic Safe Programs
Customized For Small Student Groups & Families

Specializing in Elementary School Student Groups

Home School Groups & Families Welcome

Mount Harmon Sample Field Trip Activities

  • Plantation Walking Tour
  • Colonial Crafts
  • Colonial School & Games
  • Guided Nature Walk
  • Hearth-cooking demonstration in Colonial Kitchen
  • History Quest Scavenger Hunt

Sample Field Trip Activity Schedule

Activity 1 Plantation Walking Tour or Guided Nature Walk
Activity 2 Colonial Craft
Activity 3 Colonial School & Games
Activity 4  Hearth Cooking

Parking, check in, and gift shop at visitor center.

To schedule your field trip e-mail us at info@mountharmon.org.

Or call Mount Harmon at 410-275-8819.

Click Here for Mount Harmon Virtual Highlights in History Tour

(resource for students, teachers, and families)

Education ProgramProgram Objectives

  • To enable students to learn first hand about an 18th century plantation in a pristine Tidewater setting little changed by time.
  • To instill in young people an understanding of our nation’s colonial history, and how individuals and societies have changed over time.
  • To support classroom units on early American, Colonial, and Tidewater History, with engaging activities that deepen classroom objectives.
  • To instill an appreciation and understanding of the Chesapeake Bay and it’s historic role in agriculture, trade, and commerce.
  • To teach the importance of understanding and preserving the past and historic sites like Mount Harmon; and to make these lessons current to students today.

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