Mount Harmon’s Education Program
Brings History and Nature to Life

Engaging Curriculum-Based Programs
in Early American History
& Tidewater Ecology
Voted “Favorite Field Trip”

Education Program Facts

Year round by appointment.
Cost: $8 per student.
Visit Time: Approx. 4 hours.
Fulfills curriculum requirements.
Picnic lunches welcome.

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Expanded Education Program & Activities!

To Schedule a Mount Harmon Field Trip or for more information please call 410-275-8819 or e-mail info@mountharmon.org

Mount Harmon’s Early American History Program provides students the opportunity to learn first-hand about the lifestyle, culture, agriculture and trade of a tidewater plantation. The Program features tours of the manor house, colonial demonstrations, crafts and games, and a nature walk to the Prize House.  In addition to our Early American History Program, we are now offering new curriculum-based programs in Tidewater History and Ecology.

Programs can be customized to suit your curriculum and classroom needs.  We are currently booking school field trip programs for the fall and spring seasons ~ please be sure to book early to ensure availability.

School children delight in Mount Harmon’s Education Program which features an engaging curriculum-based program that brings history and nature to life.  Begin planning your next field trip to Mount Harmon today and see why students have named it their “Favorite Field Trip!”

Education ProgramProgram Objectives

  • To enable students to learn about and experience an 18th century plantation and a pristine Tidewater setting little changed by time.
  • To instill in young people an understanding and appreciation of our nation’s rich colonial heritage, and how individuals and societies have changed over time.
  • To teach the importance of preserving this uniquely beautiful open space, its historic buildings, pristine natural surroundings, and wildlife.

Program Components

Education programs

Mount Harmon’s Education Program provides students the unique opportunity to learn first hand about Tidewater History and Nature at a pristine colonial-era Plantation.

Education Program

Sample Schedule for Early American History Education Program

9:30AM Arrive
9:45AM Station I Manor House Tour
10:30AM Station II Colonial Kitchen Demonstration
11:15AM Station III Hands-on Colonial Craft
12:00PM Lunch Break & Colonial Games & Gift Shop
12:30PM Nature Walk to Prize House
1:30PM Return to Education Center/Visit Gift Shop
1:30PM Depart

* Programs can be customized to suit curriculum and scheduling needs. Program is approx. 4 hours (includes picnic lunch break and nature walk).

To schedule your school visit or for more information about Mount Harmon’s Educational Program call 410-275-8819, or via e-mail at  info@mountharmon.org.